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About Artemis

<Artemis Hunter> is an artist, a BDSM practitioner, and student of erotic rope bondage whose enthusiasm is contagious. Introduced to the BDSM lifestyle and Japanese Rope Bondage in 2005, she was immediately fascinated. What a wonderful venue for adult communications and open physical, mental, and consensual interactions.

Artemis wields ropes as one of her many artistic tools because she loves the feel of being in them and the challenge of controlling them artistically and sadistically. She freely shares with open minded and inquisitive people erotic ideas about excitements that await them in the BDSM world and strives to empower them with information and experiences.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Artemis learns, presents, shares, and inspires locally, regionally, and nationally. Since 2005, she has spent much of her time gathering knowledge with some of the world's finest rope artists so that she may help bring those ideas (and sometimes the artist themselves) back to the South. She has been pivotal in fostering a rope bondage interest in Atlanta that has exploded into a plethora of rope talent ranging from new performance artists to fine quality hemp rope vendors. Atlanta is now on the map as a cultural hub for blossoming rope art.

Artemis, an ardent supporter of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, is also an activist for bringing accessible quality Adult Sex Education programs that support sex positive ideas, including kink, to the South. She strongly affirms that age appropriate material should be available to adults so that they may make informed and responsible choices concerning their sexual health and private behaviors.

There are things that a woman knows once she's reached a certain age and position in her life. There's a point when she is comfortable in her own skin, with her life, and with life lessons learned. Skills are gathered, yet she still chases and invites adventures that entice and allure. And there is also a point when she's also called to inspire, foster, and share those lessons with the next generation of players and those just now stumbling into the light of adult BDSM play.

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Upcoming Events

  • Nov 5-7, 2010 - "Autumn Bound", YEAH! I get to the featured player/presenter for South Carolina Power Exchange. I so love to play.
    Greenville, South Carolina
  • coming soon....
      Watch out, you never know where she will pop up at....


Booking Artemis

Artemis is available for Group Instruction Seminars, Demos, and Private one-on-one Rope Instruction. Take a look at the classes and presetations she can provide for you or your group.



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